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Visiting Santiago, Chile Jan 2019  

This post may feel a little lack-luster because I don't really have any dynamite thoughts on Santiago. It's a big city with things like shopping and parks as a to-do list. I'll tell you what I did/saw but I want you to be prepared to be underwhelmed. 

1. Walking tour: If you have been reading my blog as all then you will know that I always suggest starting with a walking tour. This particular tour starts at the art museum and makes you ride the subway. I was vaguely aware that Santiago had a subway and…

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Know before you go: Valparaiso, Chile 2019  

Valparasio is on the coast of Chile about 1.5 hours from Santiago. It is a small city with a big history of being the most important port in Chile, until it wasn't. Now the town survives mostly on tourism due to it's street art and location. I'm not going to go into the history of the town, even though it is an interesting one, but  here are some things I wish I had known before visiting:

1. The buses that go to and from Valpo (the city's official nickname) are very nice and modern with USB outlets for…

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