Visiting Santiago, Chile Jan 2019 

This post may feel a little lack-luster because I don't really have any dynamite thoughts on Santiago. It's a big city with things like shopping and parks as a to-do list. I'll tell you what I did/saw but I want you to be prepared to be underwhelmed. 

1. Walking tour: If you have been reading my blog as all then you will know that I always suggest starting with a walking tour. This particular tour starts at the art museum and makes you ride the subway. I was vaguely aware that Santiago had a subway and after riding it, I felt like all other people from non-subway places do: I don't want to ride the subway. Illegal Uber for me please (Uber is illegal in Chile).

2. Neighborhoods: All of the blogs on the internet will tell you to go see certain neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods being Bellavista. Bellavista is home to several nightclubs and also home to the Funicular that will take you to the top of  Cerro San Cristobal. We made the mistake of going to Bellavista at night. The ride to the neighborhood was eyeopening and the street we ended up on (Antonia Lopez de Bello) seemed a little shady to us by American girl standards. We were told by the waitstaff at our restaurant (La Piccola Italia) that there were gangs of pickpockets on Pio Nono St, which was about 2 blocks away. Needless to say we were not thrilled by the thought of roving thieves, so we got an Uber home. 

Lastarria is a super cute neighborhood filled with cafes and street art. It's one of the neighborhoods I enjoyed most in Santiago. It's great for taking a walk and admiring the scenery. It is the neighborhood I would stay in if I go back to Santiago.

Adorable window display in Lastarria.

Street art in Lastarria.

3. Sky Costanera- The tallest building in Latin America! You will pay about $20 US to go up to the top of the building but then you get to see this view. I would totally spring for it again.

4. I feel like I can't talk about Santiago without mentioning La Moneda. It is the former mint and home of the president. The building is HUGE and has a park on one side and reflecting pools on the other. It also has the biggest flag I have ever seen in my life. Even if you don't care about history, it's worth walking by and checking it out.

5. The Chilean men are a good looking bunch. I'm not the kind of creep who takes pictures of people on the street so you'll just have to take my word for it. You can hear about my experience with Tinder in Chile on the podcast!

Have you been to Santiago? What did you think?


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