Visiting Cordoba, Argentina 2019

I had never even heard of Cordoba before arriving in Argentina. As it turns out, Cordoba is the 2nd largest city in Argentina after Buenos Aires. Shows you what I know about cities in Argentina haha. To be honest, Cordoba was not on my list of places to see in Argentina at all. The only reason I went was that my friend who I am traveling with has a coworker who lives there and promised me that we would get an authentic Argentinean experience. And boy did she deliver on that promise! Here are some of my favorite experiences:

1. Walking Tour- Y'all already knew I was going to say this. I don't even care that it's predictable. Walking tours 4-lyfe!!!! Annnyway... I took the daytime walking tour that goes through some of the older parts of Cordoba. I started in front of a Catholic church and basically ended in the same spot. Cordoba has a fascinating relationship with Catholicism and the current Pope lived in Cordoba for a few years. If you are a devout Catholic, Cordoba has lots of points of interest like the Jesuit Block, the Jesuit Crypt, churches, statues, etc. If Catholicism is not your thing, there are plenty of other things to do such as...

2. Barrio Guemes- If bars and restaurants are more your speed, Guemes is a great place to hang out. After siesta (which generally lasts from 1:00-6:00PM), Guemes comes alive with bustling shops, restaurants and bars. One of my favorites spots in the neighborhood was a bar called Gintoneria. As the name suggests, they specialize in interesting gin and tonics. They are located in a little alcove of other restaurants/bars. One of which is open through siesta and will make you a bomb Aperol Spritz in air conditioning! The place is called Bruncheria and after a long sweaty walk to the park you will need both a drink and some AC. Also on the weekends, the neighborhood has a market with people selling all kinds of stuff. It's worth checking out.

Dog window shopping for dog stuff in Guemes.

3. Sarmiento Park- The park is huge and usually filled with good looking people working out. If that's not enough of a draw for you, there are also some great views of the city and cool bridges. There are some interesting/cool restaurants there as well. 

4. Alta Gracia- Alta Gracia is technically not in Cordoba, but it's only a bus ride away. It's a little town with some interesting architecture and a museum in the house where Che Guevara grew up. If you are tired of the city, Alta Gracia is a great escape.

Dog sleeping in the confessional in Alta Gracia. 

One slightly interesting observation about Cordoba- on my walking tour there were no other Americans. I also did not meet any other Americans in Cordoba. So if you want to escape the American tourists, Cordoba seems like a great place to do it!

Have you been to Cordoba? What were your favorite places/sights?



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