Three Favorite Things in Sydney 2019

Sydney was my first stop in Australia mostly because it was the cheapest city to fly into from New Zealand. I didn't really have many expectations for Sydney and as it turns out, that worked in my favor. I'm not going to talk about the Harbor Bridge or the Opera House because we have all seen them. Yes they are lovely and worth seeing, but let's talk about some less famous sights shall we?

1. Featherdale Wildlife Park- It's about and hour drive from Sydney and is a must do if you want to see some of Australia's native animals. You can interact with the animals directly as most of their enclosures are only about knee high. They also have signs telling you which animals are likely to bite. One of the coolest things about the park is you can hand-feed the kangaroos that are roaming free around the park. I had a wonderful time at Featherdale but I would advise that you go (or stay) between tour busses that way you have more time to spend with the animals. 

2. Manly Beach- It is technically in Sydney, but it is about a 30 min ferry ride from downtown to get to Manly Beach. You can hang out and have a drink at the pier or walk to several of the nearby beaches. They are all beautiful and a little less see-and-be-seen than Bondi. I enjoyed the waves washing up on the rocks and the general sleepy vibe of the area.

Not the best photo but I came across a couple taking wedding pics and was shocked that they were brave enough to get that close to the water in their wedding attire. 

3. Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras- I had never heard of this before coming to Sydney and it just so happened I was there the weekend it happened. It is a celebration of all things Gay and fabulous. People get dressed in all sorts of fun and revealing outfits, there are parties at nearly every house, and everyone is utterly shitfaced. The main festivity is a parade that happens on Saturday evening. It is epic and you must get there hours before it starts if you want to be able to see it. I was not smart enough to do that so I was stuck behind crowds of people and didn't get any great pics. I did, however, make friends with some fabulous gentlemen who were nice enough to walk to the parade with me. Gotta love new friends!

This sign is at King's Cross. They changed it to Queen's Cross to celebrate Mardi Gras.

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