Lima, Peru (day 9)

If you have been following along, days 7-8 were travel days not worth blogging about. Unless you want to hear my thoughts on shitty airports in the middle of nowhere lol.

Lima is a really nice change of pace from smaller cities of Cusco and Puno. It is proper big city with all of the amenities including American staples such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Chili's, etc. My friend Allison and I were discussing how strange it is that exports from America are crappy chain restaurants that we try to avoid when we are in the States. There is something both comforting and disarming about seeing American chains in international locations. 

As with all big cities, there are a million things to see/do in and around Lima.  Here are 2 lists to get you started: One day in Lima, 50 things to do in Lima. If you can’t find something that sounds fun on either of those lists then you should probably stay home! Here are my favorites so far: 

1. Kennedy Park: It is named after JFK and there is a surprisingly realistic bust of him in the park. There are art vendors, food stands, and, most adorably, cats! I was told the cats were brought in by the government years ago to help control the pigeon population.That seems to have worked. What that cats won’t protect you from is the bees. If you decide to try the picarones (Donuts made from sweet potatoes and covered in syrup. They taste a bit like funnel cake.) the bees will come for the syrup. If only there were video of my napkin dance shooing away bees, I’m pretty sure I would already be Youtube famous. The park is beautiful and well maintained. If you are in Miraflores District it is a must see!

2. The coast- Lima is right on the Pacific Ocean and they use up their coast land nicely by filling it with parks and walkways. One of the walkways is El Malecon. It will take you through a park and near a lighthouse. It's a beautiful walk and a great way to see how locals spend their free time.

3. Food! There is so much food to eat in Lima. Every meal I have had, from upscale Italian to casual burgers by the beach, has been delicious and relatively cheap. My friend and I had an entire sushi lunch for $30! Come to Lima, eat everything.

Have you been to Lima? What are your favorite spots?

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