Bio' she are so boring. Let's talk about some real shit: I left my job to travel for a few months  and pursue my dream of  travel  for a living. Am I brave or stupid? Maybe a bit of both.

I don't see a lot of people like me represented in the current travel media.  I'm a 40 year old woman which makes me a little too old for the backpacking/hostel/trekking scene, but still young enough to crave some adventure. What I'm hoping to provide is some inspiration for people who have always wanted to travel but haven't made time. People who don't want to have to wait to retire to follow their passions. Also, I want to shine a light on how to make this possible  without having an Instagram perfect ass. I definitely will need your help for that last part!

I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear your thoughts/stories/insights on how you make travel a priority. Contact me for more information, or if you would like to work with me. I have a podcast companion for the blog if you can't be bothered to read, or if spoken English is more your speed. Hope to see you around the world!