Carry-On Backpack Review 

I did the unthinkable: I bought a bag with no online reviews (gasp!!!!!). In the age of online reviews how is it possible that a piece of luggage has no reviews online?? Word on the street (and on the Epic website) is that the company started in Sweden in 2004 and is just recently making their goods available in the US. Maybe there are a ton of reviews in Swedish? Anyway, here are my initial thoughts on my new Epic Explorer rolling backpack. Please note: these are just initial impressions. I have not…

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How I Picked My Carry-On Bag 

Get to the point, lady: If you only care about what bag I bought and don't want to hear my thought process (Whatever, it's your life. But you are missing out :P)  see my post about the winner here.


I'm leaving for a 3-4 month adventure that will cover a lot of territory and a few climates. Sounds like I should have the biggest checked luggage ever right? Nope. I'm terrified of all the horror stories of lost baggage, long lines to check a bag, and sneaky fees. I'm only packing a carry-on. Here…

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How to compare the Pixel 3 and Iphone XR 

In planning my 3+ month international trip, I decided I wanted a new phone for a number of reasons: 

  1. My Iphone 7 was turning into an annoying and slow piece of shit 
  2. I wanted the most up-to-date phone camera because I didn’t want to bring a separate camera with me 
  3. I want something reliable while traveling and didn’t want a software update to potentially cripple my older phone 

I know there are a million Android phones to choose from. But for the sake of my decision making, I only cared about…

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